Rettet Pluto

Es liegt an euch!

Nun liegt es an Euch: füllt das unten stehende Formular aus und unterstützt Alan Stern, Leiter der NASA-Mission New Horizons, mit seiner Petition, die Entscheidung der IAU zu stoppen. Pluto muss ein Planet bleiben!

Alles, was Ihr tun müsst, ist in die beiden Felder am Ende des Formulars Euren Namen und Eure Mail-Adresse einzutragen. Dieses Formular wird dann per Mail an die IAU geschickt.


Dear Members of the International Astronomical Union,

on Thursday, 24th of August 2006 you passed a resolution reclasifying Pluto from major planetary status to a dwarf planet. We think this decision was scandalous.

The reasons:
1. People in the whole world love Pluto as a planet of their solar system.

2. Children of the world did learn, our solar system contains 9 planets – Pluto as the smallest Planet.

3. As you decided on Plutos status, there were just 424 Astronomers of 2500 Congressmen present. So this decision was made by a minority.

4. Even Owen Gingerich, President of the board of experts did criticise, the decision was made on the last day of the IAU-Congress. He postulates to vote by internet in case of such important questions.

5. Alan Stern, leader of Nasa-Mission New Horizons, is sceptical, if it is possible to differentiate definitely a major planet from a dwarf planet.

Our Support

As Alan Stern and leading astronomers are preparing an official petition we hereby want to help him and support this petition with voices from all over the world. Please – members of IAU – cancel your decision. Pluto is no dwarf. Pluto must remain as a part of nine major planets with our solar system!!! I as a supporter of this campaign ask you to give me a detailed statement of what you are going to do to reconsider this scandalous decision. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


*** Update 01.04.2007:

Diese Petition ist abgelaufen. Man kann sich nicht mehr beteiligen.